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Sweet Water Bar & Grill

Sweet Water Reef Resort, including Sweet Water Bar & Grill, is located 6.5 miles from San Pedro Town on Ambergris Caye.
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Sweet Water Reef Resort is a private beachfront retreat with its own dock and beach, nestled between large resorts. It offers a relaxing island getaway with amenities like free WiFi, private parking, and comfortable, modern rooms. The resort is ideal for couples, families, or small groups, providing an intimate travel experience with only four suites. Activities like snorkeling, ziplining, and fishing are available nearby.
For more information about Sweet Water Bar & Grill and the Sweet Water Reef Resort, you can visit Sweet Water Reef Resort’s official website.
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Updated 5 months ago.

Ambergris Caye in Belize boasts an impressive array of eateries and bars, each offering unique culinary experiences. From the seaside charm of Tropical Escape and Tipsy Lobster to the vibrant Nauti Fish and Tropical Island, there’s something for every palate. Aji Tapa Bar and Rain provide a cozy ambiance, while Capricorn and Castaway offer a more intimate dining setting. Stella’s, Garage, and Truckstop are perfect for casual hangouts. Rumdog, Pur, and Crocs offer a lively atmosphere. For diverse flavors, there’s 303 Bar, Doghouse, Coco Loco, Lina Point, and Patty Flipper. Arabollas Island Cuisine and Lil White Fonda bring local flavors, while Turtle Bar and Rio’s offer a laid-back vibe. 

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