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Embark on a thrilling aquatic expedition with Xplore Belize's Blue Hole Snorkel Tour Adventure with 3 amazing Snorkel Stops. Plunge into the mesmerizing depths of the legendary Blue Hole, a natural wonder that beckons adventurers from around the world. Join our experienced guides as they lead you through this awe-inspiring sinkhole, revealing its stunning underwater formations and captivating marine life. Dive into an otherworldly realm as you explore the intricate coral reefs and encounter exotic species in this UNESCO World Heritage Site. With Xplore Belize, prepare to be amazed as you snorkel in one of the world's most extraordinary locations. Unforgettable memories await in the Blue Hole.

Please note all prices are in US Dollars. There is a minimum of four (4) persons or the equivalent base fee for each trip. 

This full-day excursion includes pickup and drop off from your closest dock, an excellent guide, all needed gear, water and fruit snacks.

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